Shipping the Monday Couple (Running Man’s Gary & Jihyo)

To say that I am a Running Man (RM) fan would be the understatement of the year. And to say that I am a Monday Couple fan would be the understatement of the century. I adore the show and I love the Monday Couple. I love them so much I was able to make four (4) music videos featuring their most-beloved scenes in RM.

I’ve started watching Running Man when they just had a dozen or so of episodes in and I haven’t stopped watching. I haven’t missed a single episode and I’ve managed to convince my whole family that it’s a variety show that’s truly worth our time.


Snapshot 8 (2-7-2013 5-06 PM)

All this time, I’ve seen this ‘ship grow and develop. I’ve been with them the whole time. Gary is my favorite member and it was so entertaining and heartwarming to watch him have a love-line with Jihyo. I loved how their awkwardness developed into an ‘oppa-dongseng’ relationship, and then to equals, to ‘boss Jihyo’, and to awkwardness again (when it was revealed that Jihyo had a real-life boyfriend), to being at comfortable again with each other, and then back to being the Monday Couple.


Snapshot 1 (2-7-2013 4-50 PM)

I think that out of all these stages of their ‘relationship’, their dynamics at present is the one I enjoy seeing the most. They both know that their Monday Couple characters are only for show and they give so much fun for the audience to watch. I think before Gary was swayed by his fledgling feelings for Jihyo and was crushed when it was revealed that she was in a real-life relationship and I think that was why they turned awkward around each other. But now I can happily note that Gary is able to compartmentalize his feelings and now is in no danger of blurring the lines between reality and variety. And that’s a happy place for a Monday Couple supporter like me.

Of course, if they do end up together in real life, boon for everybody. But if not, that’s fine with me too. If they end up being life-long friends, I’ll be satisfied with that.


Snapshot 7 (2-7-2013 5-05 PM)

I’m thinking of starting a meme where we can feature one chosen Monday Couple moment a week. All the more to spread the Monday Couple love. What do you guys think? And I think I’ll start next Monday. I hope you guys can join me.





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