Monday Moments (1)

[subbed by KSHOWNOW.NET]RM.E165.280913.720p.v3


Monday Moments is a meme dedicated to my favorite Running Man couple, Kang Gary and Song Jihyo. It’s where I pick out any Monday Couple moment from any episode of the show or even from events outside RM that made me laugh, warmed my heart, and gave me the good “dugeun, dugeun” goosebumps. (Note: Monday is usually the day when Running Man films its episodes so when these two were teased as a couple, they were dubbed as the ‘Monday Couple’.)


As a pilot post, I think I’m going to start from the very beginning, the episode that hinted at the greatness this couple would become.

Episode 8: Gary, do you like Jihyo?


Running.Man.EP 008.450P Running.Man.EP 008.450P


When Jihyo was asked what she was good at and she was thinking about her answer, Gary supplies one for her.


Running.Man.EP 008.450P


Gary says Jihyo has lovely eyes.


Running.Man.EP 008.450P Running.Man.EP 008.450P

Everybody was like, ‘Wait a minute. What’s going on?’ Hehe.


Running.Man.EP 008.450P

Gary tries to change the subject. And succeeds.


Running.Man.EP 008.450P


Jihyo’s just smiling broadly and genuinely. The first of many because of Gary. ❤



What did you guys think about this Monday Moment? Did you expect it to be the start of a really awesome onscreen pairing?




Disclaimer: I don’t own the videos where these screencaps were taken from. They belong to their respective owners.

Acknowledgements: Thanks to Kshownow, KJK Global, and iSubs for providing english subs for RM fans around the world.




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