Monday Moments (2)

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Monday Moments is a meme dedicated to my favorite Running Man couple, Kang Gary and Song Jihyo. It’s where I pick out any Monday Couple moment from any episode of the show or even from events outside RM that made me laugh, warmed my heart, and gave me the good “dugeun, dugeun” goosebumps. (Note: Monday is usually the day when Running Man films its episodes so when these two were teased as a couple, they were dubbed as the ‘Monday Couple’.)


Episode 130: Gary: “Jihyo, It’s not time yet.”


This is the fun bit in the Reincarnation episode when the RM members were still ‘in 1938’ at the then Seoul City Hall. The members were given different locations in the building where they can find a key. Gary has found his and then runs into Jihyo in the hallway.


Snapshot 10 (2-8-2013 2-36 PM)




Jihyo asks him if he’s found his and in Gary’s true fashion, he lies but in his very obvious ‘I-can’t-lie-for-the-life-of-me’ way, which Jihyo could see right through.


Snapshot 11 (2-8-2013 2-36 PM) Snapshot 12 (2-8-2013 2-37 PM)



Jihyo was about to let it go when Gary drops his key on the floor and didn’t even know it. It was a good thing Jihyo was kind enough to let him know. 


Snapshot 13 (2-8-2013 2-37 PM) Snapshot 14 (2-8-2013 2-38 PM)


When it seems like Jihyo won’t give him back his key, Gary goes into this semi-panic mode, jumping up and down in anxiety, which draws laughter not only from Jihyo but from viewers as well. He kept saying, “Jihyo, it’s not that time yet.” LoL.


Snapshot 15 (2-8-2013 2-39 PM)



In the end, Jihyo gives him another chance and returns his key. And Gary vows that he will help her until the end. How did that go down? Well, let’s just say that Gary has learned a few lessons in winning an individual game. 


What did you guys think about this Monday Moment? 

I always enjoy seeing Jihyo laugh so hard because of Gary. I think she really finds him very, very funny, which makes them so adorable. When I went to South Korea in early October this year, I was able to go the Seoul Metropolitan Library, which was the old Seoul City Hall and where they shot this episode. It was a very nice experience for me as a Running Man fan that I got to visit places where the members had been. 🙂





Disclaimer: I don’t own the videos where these screencaps were taken from. They belong to their respective owners.

Acknowledgements: Thanks to Kshownow, KJK Global, and iSubs for providing english subs for RM fans around the world.


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