Monday Moments (3)

[subbed by KSHOWNOW.NET]RM.E165.280913.720p.v3

Monday Moments is a meme dedicated to my favorite Running Man couple, Kang Gary and Song Jihyo. It’s where I pick out any Monday Couple moment from any episode of the show or even from events outside RM that made me laugh, warmed my heart, and gave me the good “dugeun, dugeun” goosebumps. (Note: Monday is usually the day when Running Man films its episodes so when these two were teased as a couple, they were dubbed as the ‘Monday Couple’.)


Episode 175: Crimes of Love

Our RM members are put into jail one by one with the Cho-PD announcing their crimes. Gary is jailed because of his ‘love-sickness’. Lol.


[subbed by KSHOWNOW.NET]RM.E175.131208.720p


Jihyo on the other hand is jailed because of her ‘beauty crime’.

[subbed by KSHOWNOW.NET]RM.E175.131208.720p

[subbed by KSHOWNOW.NET]RM.E175.131208.720p


This was met by the strong protests of the other members.

[subbed by KSHOWNOW.NET]RM.E175.131208.720p


That is, except Gary, of course. Gary says it is a crime because she stole his heart. *Sigh*

[subbed by KSHOWNOW.NET]RM.E175.131208.720p


There’s this last shot of this Monday Moment when the camera is focused on Jihyo being shy and I noticed that Gary was a little bit in her frame. *Cute*

[subbed by KSHOWNOW.NET]RM.E175.131208.720p


[subbed by KSHOWNOW.NET]RM.E175.131208.720p


What did you guys think about this Monday Moment? 

I love it when all the members go against Jihyo but then it’s just Gary who stays with her or who defends her, in a way. Monday Couple Jjang!





Disclaimer: I don’t own the videos where these screencaps were taken from. They belong to their respective owners.

Acknowledgements: Thanks to Kshownow, KJK Global, and iSubs for providing english subs for RM fans around the world.


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