episode 131

Running Man Episode 131: The King of Ddakji

It’s Fighter vs. Fighter in this episode of Running Man. The members take on two legendary ‘fighters’ in a game of brains and brawn.

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Today’s guests are UFC fighter Choo Sunghoon and amateur boxing champ and 4D actress Lee Shiyoung. The episode theme: King of Ddakji.

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First part: Nametag-ripping at 4 AM

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The members are all in for a shock to find out that they will have to remove each other’s name tags at so ungodly a time. Each member is pegged with an amount, sort of like a cash reward in exchange for his or her nametag. It ranged from the measly 100 won (a.k.a. Sukjin) to the toughest opponent’s 900 won (a.k.a. Sunghoon).

My favorite parts:

When Sunghoon catches Jaesuk for the first time and lets go of him once, Jaesuk then explains to the RM members (with a straight face) that he was let go because of the power that Sunghoon recognized in him. Pfft. As if anybody will believe that, oppa.

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Gwangsoo getting cornered by Sunghoon because he was the weak one who got separated from the herd (per Jaesuk’s explanation to Jihyo)

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Sunghoon and Jongkook showdown. I love that the Commander is able to hold his ground to a world-class fighter even though technically, as the captions in the show would later explain, he is really a singer and not a professional fighter despite the body physique. I also love that they’re serious about besting each other but they both do it adorably, like smiling at each other and joking with one another, even though their arms are straining to take each other nametags off.

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Second part: Quiz game

The members have to answer questions correctly and the first team with all members answering correctly wins. The catch: they have to roll across the floor sitting on a tiny plastic ‘chairs’ towards the table where they have to put their seat pillow on the table to answer.

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My favorite parts:

Short Monday Couple moment, when Jihyo answers correctly against Shiyoung and she and Gary gave each other hive five’s.

And then Shiyoung protests on grounds of spelling and Gary just immediately launches into spelling the answer and Jihyo laughs her head off. Hahaha.

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The incredibly ‘courageous’ or just plain pabo Gwangsoo, who tells Sunghoon the wrong answer. I love that Gwangsoo just commits to his character. He’s so dedicated, I love him.


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How cute is Sunghoon to look so imposing with those big arms and muscled body and also look so clueless about the quiz at the same time. He looks like a young boy suddenly thrown out into the world and he has zero clue what to do or even where to start.

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Jaesuk and Gwangsoo getting battered by Shiyoung, they could not even take off to answer the quiz questions.

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After the Sunghoon-Jongkook showdown, I don’t even believe this as I’m writing but there’s also a Sunghoon-GWANGSOO showdown. Where of course Gwangsoo gets beaten to a pulp. So to speak. ^__^

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There’s this funny bit when Gwangsoo seems to have had enough and when Sunghoon gives the correct answer, it turns out that the question was a multiple choice one and Sunghoon still has to guess which number. Gwangsoo, in an exasperated voice, simply asks the PD to end his suffering already and just declare Sunghoon as the winner. This to the laughter of the cast and crew.

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Sunghoon throwing with so much passion, he didn’t even realize that he also through the plastic chair along with the seat cushion

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Gwangsoo hitting Sunghoon in the leg… the picture says it all, right?

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Sunghoon and Gwangsoo both diving for the table. Gwangsoo seems to be having the upper hand but then when the PD checks the seat cushion that landed first was… Sunghoon’s. Gwangsoo can’t seem to catch a break.

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And then alas, a winner… Gwangsoo?

Gwangsoo answers correctly and the round finishes with Gwangsoo smugly walking around looking like he won one over Sunghoon in a hand-to-hand combat.

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Third part: Wresting game… on a mudflat!

Elimination game where one member can take on all the members of another team if undefeated

My favorite parts:

Jaesuk’s 8 km – 8 kg comparison. When he introduced Shiyoung and Jihyo, he says that Shiyoung runs 8 kilometers while Jihyo eats 8 kg worth of food. Pfft.

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Myuk PD’s quick deduction for Haroro. When Jaesuk asks for a rematch with Shiyoung because his feet got stuck, Myuk PD grants him one. But when Haha tries to ask for one himself, Myuk PD shuts him down saying he lost that game fair and square. Hahaha.

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Last part: Who’s the King of Ddakji?

In this concluding part, each team gets to purchase their individual Ddakjis from a wide variety set using the money they’ve earned through the earlier games. Be the final victor and your team wins.

My favorite parts:

When Gary won that one time. Too bad their team were booted out first.

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The Jaesuk-Jongkook showdown. It was nerve-wracking. My brother and I kept checking the remaining time for the episode, wanting to find out if the last turn would be Jaesuk’s or Jongkook’s. I so wanted Jaesuk to win because he has been de-throned many times from his King of Ddakji status, but alas, it was not meant to be. Jongkook flips Jaesuk’s Ddakji and his team wins the game.

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This was another fun episode but unfortunately not as epic as last week’s. However, it was still a great episode to watch. Maybe it was because I had been looking forward too much to Shiyoung’s guesting stint because I knew she had this 4D personality but she fell a little bit below my expectations. Although, it was still fun to watch her give the RM members a run for their money when she continues to beat them during the games.

Sunghoon was a revelation to me. I didn’t know him before this episode so I didn’t know what to expect of him. But I’m pleasantly surprised and very pleased to know that apart from his fighter side, his goofy side can shine through in variety as well.

Next week: Double Spies!