episode 132

Running Man Episode 132: Spy vs. Spy

Double Spies! The RM members and our three guests, Hwang Jungmin, Hyun-ah, and Park Sungwoong, are divided into two teams. It’s Actors vs. Singers for this week’s episode.

Snapshot 10 (2-22-2013 1-20 PM)

The little twist? Both team leaders (Jungmin and Jongkook) plant their respective spies on the other team.

Reason enough to love this episode? Our spies are none other the Monday Couple: Jihyo is the Singers team spy while Gary (yes, you read right) is the Actors team spy.

The mission: to deliver the 7 Running Man cases to Boss Go Dongwan.

First part: Opening sequences

My favorite parts:

When Gary approaches Jungmin and Cho PD on the helipad and he made it seemed like he walked in on the wrong meeting. Hehe. You can even hear the lovely laughter of Cho PD. RM PDs’ and the staff’s laughter hearty and warm. It’s always a nice touch and a wonderful addition to the show, albeit in the background because you can tell that what made them laugh was really spontaneous and unscripted.

Snapshot 1 (2-22-2013 1-15 PM) Snapshot 2 (2-22-2013 1-16 PM) Snapshot 3 (2-22-2013 1-16 PM)

Gary finding out that he was a spy

Gary: “But I can’t last more than 5 minutes.” And we heartily agree, Kang Gary.

Snapshot 4 (2-22-2013 1-17 PM) Snapshot 5 (2-22-2013 1-17 PM)Snapshot 9 (2-22-2013 1-20 PM)

The Commander scolding Spy Song Jihyo even before the mission starts… because she wanted to find out who the guests were first before she does her spy duties… hehe.

Snapshot 6 (2-22-2013 1-18 PM) Snapshot 7 (2-22-2013 1-19 PM) Snapshot 8 (2-22-2013 1-19 PM)

RM members huddling together like penguins under the bridge while waiting for their guests because of the extreme cold weather

Snapshot 11 (2-22-2013 1-21 PM)ANT1068-16

Gary and his fashion-sense or lack thereof?

It was so hilarious when Gary gets back into the huddle with a warmer hat and everyone has a laugh about its effect on him. Cue camera focusing on Jihyo laughing the hardest. The half of the Monday Couple just gives the most extreme reactions to her other half.

Snapshot 12 (2-22-2013 1-21 PM) Snapshot 13 (2-22-2013 1-22 PM)

Team-forming bit: or the one where Gwangsoo and Jaesuk(!) gets drafted to the Actors team.

Hilarious bit when Jaesuk questions the PDs when they put Gwangsoo in the Actors team, arguing that Gwangsoo is a gagman. Pfft. Hilarious.

Snapshot 14 (2-22-2013 1-24 PM)Snapshot 15 (2-22-2013 1-24 PM)

And his reaction, along with the rest of the members’, was funny. Thanks to a brief cameo in a movie in ages past, Jaesuk earns his spot on the Actors team.

Snapshot 16 (2-22-2013 1-25 PM)

Second part: Collect your team members

Each team chooses a finder who will look for the members in various locations but they have to do that in number sequence. Actors team chooses Jungmin. Singers team chooses Gary. Hehe. It’s like the Singers team gave the game up already. You would think that but Commander Spartakooks is as tough as they come.

Snapshot 17 (2-22-2013 1-26 PM) Snapshot 18 (2-22-2013 1-26 PM)

My favorite parts:

Gwangsoo gets love-struck again. When his teammates come to pick him up, Hyun-ah grabs his arm and asks him to stay for a while. This brings a blush to his cheeks and of course a wide smile on his face. Add to that the fury of Jungmin when he scolds his errant teammate. Hehe. Gwangsoo: “Hyung, but this hasn’t happened to me in a long while now.” Hehe.

Snapshot 23 (2-22-2013 1-30 PM) Snapshot 22 (2-22-2013 1-29 PM) Snapshot 24 (2-22-2013 1-31 PM)

Jaesuk and Haha playing gag while waiting for their respective team members. I always appreciate seeing the give and take relationship that these two have. If one delivers, the other always has a sure comeback. This nice dynamic gives certain fluidity to the fun and the funny.

Snapshot 19 (2-22-2013 1-27 PM) Snapshot 20 (2-22-2013 1-28 PM) Snapshot 21 (2-22-2013 1-28 PM)

Third part: Who has the jjajjangmyun?

This game is like a version of the thief card game where one team has to guess which member of the other team has the jjajjangmyun card.

My favorite parts:

This is like a montage of evidence on how well the RM members know each other so well, they know when one member is lying.

When Gwangsoo stays silent and does not speak at all; when Jaesuk knew that the right way to ask Sukjin was to ask if he doesn’t have the card (because he suspects that he doesn’t); when Gary awkwardly answers again (because he has the card)

There’s this cute Monday couple moment again (yay!) when Jihyo looks at Gary and just bursts out laughing and everyone’s like, “You really enjoy looking at Gary, no?” and then Jihyo’s like, “Did you wash your face?” to Gary and Gary looks fake-mad and resigned at the same time, quipping in return, “Then wash it for me!” Pfft. Classic Monday Couple push and pull.

Snapshot 26 (2-22-2013 1-44 PM) Snapshot 27 (2-22-2013 1-45 PM) Snapshot 28 (2-22-2013 1-45 PM) Snapshot 29 (2-22-2013 1-45 PM) Snapshot 30 (2-22-2013 1-46 PM) Snapshot 31 (2-22-2013 1-46 PM) Snapshot 32 (2-22-2013 1-46 PM) Snapshot 33 (2-22-2013 1-47 PM)

Another MC moment was when Jihyo suspects Gary and he’s like pulling this “Yes, I have the card” strategy and trying to get the other team off his trail and failed miserably because his facial expression was so obvious, Jihyo even imitates him.

Jungmin turns tomato-red when lying… Man, Jungmin turns out to be another Gary who can’t lie to save his life. I think his lips tremble and his whole face turns red. Haha. It was so funny when he gave out the cards to his members, maybe initially thinking of having the jjajjangmyun card but then gets burdened by it and he makes this quick (and so obvious) switch at the end that the other team completely calls out. Good thing Jaesuk is quick on his feet and immediately reshuffles the cards.

Snapshot 36 (2-22-2013 1-49 PM) Snapshot 34 (2-22-2013 1-48 PM) Snapshot 35 (2-22-2013 1-48 PM)

Last part: Collect all the missing cases and present them to Boss Go. This is where all the shenanigans really happen. Our spies get to work. There are doubts and suspicions flying around like bats at night. It was frustrating (in a good and entertaining way) to see those few cases get switched around between the two teams. It was harder even to keep track of which team has which and how many of those cases. I’m always Gary-biased so even though it was a showdown of the Monday Couple as the spies, I was gunning for Gary and his Actor teammates to win.

My Favorite parts:

Jaesuk-Gwangsoo tandem or the Dumb and Dumber 2.0 (since Jaesuk and Daesung were the first version in Family Outing)

The two are going about their mission of finding the missing cases while unknown to them, their teammates have branded them as spies. Haha. They looked so lost and completely clueless. These two are developing their signature mark (which we’ve seen for several episodes now)

Snapshot 37 (2-22-2013 1-50 PM) Snapshot 38 (2-22-2013 1-50 PM) Snapshot 43 (2-22-2013 1-53 PM) Snapshot 44 (2-22-2013 1-53 PM) Snapshot 46 (2-22-2013 1-55 PM) Snapshot 47 (2-22-2013 1-56 PM)


This was really Gwangsoo’s episode. Most of my favorite parts in this last segment were because of Gwangsoo.

Gwangsoo: “Why is everyone born weird?”

This was Gwangsoo adding his line to the running gag where Sungmin and Sungwoong were explaining that they’ve been doing what they’re doing since they’ve been born. LoL.

Snapshot 39 (2-22-2013 1-51 PM) Snapshot 40 (2-22-2013 1-51 PM) Snapshot 41 (2-22-2013 1-51 PM) Snapshot 42 (2-22-2013 1-52 PM)

Gwangsoo taking out Spy Song Jihyo

Up until Sungmin saw the Spy tag behind Jihyo, he really did believe that Gwangsoo was the spy in his team. Poor Gwangsoo. But when Sungmin finally realized he has been misled all along, he throws his arm around Gwangsoo and they become BFFs, that is, until Jongkook eliminates Sungmin leaving Gwangsoo the lone surviving member of his team.

Snapshot 48 (2-22-2013 1-57 PM) Snapshot 49 (2-22-2013 1-57 PM) Snapshot 50 (2-22-2013 1-58 PM)

Gwangsoo’s self-detonating bomb, a.k.a., “I can remove my own nametag and you have to spend five hours looking for the rest of the cases.” Pfft.

Snapshot 51 (2-22-2013 2-29 PM) Snapshot 52 (2-22-2013 2-29 PM)

Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Gwangsoo has a PLAN! I repeat! Gwangsoo has a PLAN!

Gwangsoo using the case as a distraction in order to remove the Commander’s nametag was epic! Jongkook was caught completely unawares and didn’t have time to protect his nametag. Kim Jongkook Out! Yay for Gwangsoo! I wonder if he’ll post it on the web again like Jongkook’s nametag before.

Snapshot 53 (2-22-2013 2-30 PM) Snapshot 54 (2-22-2013 2-30 PM) Snapshot 55 (2-22-2013 2-31 PM)

Feel! Chok! Cross! O, Easy Brothers, you’re time has really come. Being the last two in the game? You’re emerging as competitors in your own right.

I love the laughter from the PDs and crew when Gwangsoo removed Sukjin’s name tag after their signature Cross! Cry. And this look from Sukjin? Aha. You won’t see a more surprised look.

Snapshot 56 (2-22-2013 2-31 PM) Snapshot 57 (2-22-2013 2-31 PM) Snapshot 58 (2-22-2013 2-31 PM) Snapshot 59 (2-22-2013 2-33 PM) Snapshot 60 (2-22-2013 2-33 PM)

Even though Gwangsoo was the winner and thus the main character of the show as he claims, there are still lots of traces from his clueless character… like being hit by the closing doors of the elevator because he was looking at all the pretty ladies by the counter…

Snapshot 61 (2-22-2013 2-34 PM) Snapshot 62 (2-22-2013 2-35 PM) Snapshot 63 (2-22-2013 2-35 PM) Snapshot 64 (2-22-2013 2-35 PM)

or still not understanding that Gary was a part of their team as a spy even until the end of the taping. Bwahaha.

Snapshot 66 (2-22-2013 2-36 PM) Snapshot 67 (2-22-2013 2-36 PM) Snapshot 68 (2-22-2013 2-37 PM)

In any case, this is a happy and well-deserved win for the Giraffe.

Snapshot 65 (2-22-2013 2-36 PM)

On to the next! Running Man goes to Macau and Vietnam! Aww, wished I was there.