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Monday Moments (4)

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Monday Moments is a meme dedicated to my favorite Running Man couple, Kang Gary and Song Jihyo. It’s where I pick out any Monday Couple moment from any episode of the show or even from events outside RM that made me laugh, warmed my heart, and gave me the good “dugeun, dugeun” goosebumps. (Note: Monday is usually the day when Running Man films its episodes so when these two were teased as a couple, they were dubbed as the ‘Monday Couple’.)

Episode 46: Monday Couple Hug to win couple rings 🙂


Running.Man.EP 046.450P (1)Running.Man.EP 046.450P (1) Running.Man.EP 046.450P (1)

The mission was to find the real-life office couples but the extra couple ring prize prompts the members to let Gary and Jihyo try out too.


Running.Man.EP 046.450P (1) Running.Man.EP 046.450P (1) Running.Man.EP 046.450P (1)

These are the expressions on the faces of our Monday Couple. I really, really loved their reactions. Jihyo could barely contain her smile. Actually it was more than a smile. It was a very wide grin. And Gary, (heheh) he just seems to be a bit conflicted, which was adorable. He kind of looked like he didn’t want to try it and was maybe having an internal dialogue about how the other RM members were such a tease but at the same time, he did want to try it because of course, it’s Jihyo. 🙂


Running.Man.EP 046.450P (1)  Running.Man.EP 046.450P (1)


Gary opens his arms wide and calls ‘Honey’. And Jihyo? She just breaks into her wide grin again.


Running.Man.EP 046.450P (1) Running.Man.EP 046.450P (1)


Gary waits for Jihyo, his eyes are closed. And Jihyo just continues to laugh. (Heheh).


Running.Man.EP 046.450P (1)

Gary says to hurry and that was enough (heheh) for Jihyo to walk towards Gary. And then they hugged!!! ❤


Running.Man.EP 046.450P (1)

For so briefly. But the important thing was that they hugged. 🙂

Running.Man.EP 046.450P (1) Running.Man.EP 046.450P (1)

And they get their couple ring prize, to the vehement objections of the blue team, who had just been wind blasted through their microphones.



What did you guys think about this Monday Moment? 

Beyond the hug, I just really, really enjoyed seeing those expressions on their faces. All smiles, a bit of the romantic goosebumps, but fun just the same.

Monday Couple Jjang!



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