Running Man Episode 130: Reincarnation

Nothing beats good-ol’ individual games among the Running Man members. The past and present collide for the quest for the ultimate Running Man prize: gold, lots and lots of gold bars. Know yourself and know your enemies.

This week’s theme is ‘reincarnation’ and our members get to live both in Seoul 1938 and Seoul 2013.


As much as guests can contribute to the fun and hilarity of the show, having a members-only episode is really most enjoyable to watch unfold (see: episodes on Strongest Running Man 1 & 2). The PDs and writers have brought us another mind-juggling situation. They had us viewers guessing, along with the members, what was going on.

But in a nutshell, the members find themselves in the year 1939, tasked with finding 7 keys that will unlock a chest full of gold. Each has been given a different and specific location where they can find their keys. In order to be the sole owner of the prized treasure, one has to have all the keys, thus, betrayal, survival and killer instincts, and basically mayhem ensue. One after another, the members ‘kill’ each other until a final showdown between the last two remaining. The final winner is not shown and we fast forward to 2013 when the members are told that they were reincarnated. What they did not know at the beginning was that reincarnation meant they were reborn not as themselves but as other members. And so the goal now is to find out who the final winner was in the past, get the keys, and find the location of the treasure chest.

This was an episode where it was one hilarity after another. Here are some of my personal favorites:

Gwangsoo, a.k.a. the one who cannot manage his facial expressions

Snapshot 7 (2-5-2013 10-23 AM)  Snapshot 8 (2-5-2013 10-23 AM)  Snapshot 10 (2-7-2013 5-07 PM)

He was having such a riot inside his mind that he was the Commander in his past life that he could help but smile, even while he was lying through his teeth at Gary and Jihyo

Sukjin taking off Jongkook’s nametag

Snapshot 5 (2-8-2013 12-32 PM)  Snapshot 6 (2-8-2013 12-33 PM)   Snapshot 8 (2-8-2013 12-35 PM) 

Nothing’s more unexpected than this one. I think there was an actual second pause there where they tried to process what just happened. I am so happy for Big-Nose Hyung. I loved how he was rejoicing and shouting that 2013 is his year. Heh. I was kind of hoping that he would win against Haha and be the final victor; that would have been such a great year-starter for him.

Gary’s ‘lying’ face: never imagined the members would fall for it

Snapshot 3 (2-5-2013 10-14 AM)  Snapshot 2 (2-5-2013 10-12 AM) 

This guy DOESN’T REALLY KNOW how to lie. His face and body language totally give him away. I think the members gave him the benefit of the doubt. Plus, he was up against the Commander so it could have totally gone the other way. But it was just so hilarious watching Gary TRY to control his expressions, say the right words, and convince the other members. Even Song Jihyo noticed something was definitely strange with him. Thankfully, her realization came too late otherwise Gary would have been in big trouble.

Members playing around with the ‘rolling’ camera

Snapshot 3 (2-7-2013 4-51 PM)  Snapshot 4 (2-7-2013 4-52 PM) 

Snapshot 5 (2-7-2013 4-53 PM)

It is always a treat to watch the cast interact with their staff and crew. And there was a really cute part where Jaesuk, Haha, Sukjin and Gwangsoo played with one of the camera directors who had his camera mounted on a handle with wheels so the PD can slide it across the floor. The effect was a pretty cool camera angle and it really looked like the members were enjoying the new(ish) gadget. It’s simple moments like this that really show the ease with which the members interact with each other. It’s proof of the genuine friendship and camaraderie among them.

Monday couple moments:

Running Man makes me happy. But Running Man with Monday Couple moments makes me so much happier. I’m thankful that this episode had much to offer in that department. ❤

Jihyo finding about Gary’s key after he accidentally dropped it

Snapshot 11 (2-8-2013 2-36 PM)  Snapshot 12 (2-8-2013 2-37 PM) 

Snapshot 13 (2-8-2013 2-37 PM)  Snapshot 14 (2-8-2013 2-38 PM)

Gary can be clumsy sometimes… it was so funny when Jihyo took hold of half of his clue and then when he breathes a sigh of relief when he figured out that the one she got did not contain the location of his key, his key drops out of his pocket and lands in front of Jihyo… Good thing it was only the beginning of the shoot so Jihyo didn’t have that killer instinct yet..

Gary proposing to Jihyo

Snapshot 1 (2-7-2013 4-50 PM)  Snapshot 2 (2-7-2013 4-51 PM)

Gary proposing to Jihyo and Jihyo accepting his flowers out of all the other flowers being offered: need I say more? Well, if you insist… ^_^ it’s basically a fantasy come to life for MC shippers like me. There’s just something magical when these two are together. To think that a while back they had this humongous wall of awkwardness between them. I’m just so glad that they’re back and definitely LOGGED IN, I hope, for forever the duration of the show.  

Monday couple finding out they have been reincarnated as each other

Snapshot 8 (2-7-2013 5-06 PM)  Snapshot 7 (2-7-2013 5-05 PM)

Gary says it must be a twist of fate because he has just been offered flowers, a gesture that was done for Jihyo in the ‘previous’ life. And the answering smile on Jihyo’s face was so cute. In my own biased world, Jihyo just smiles more brightly around everything Gary does, be it his antics, body gags, and unexpected lines.

Gary eliminating Jihyo

Snapshot 11 (2-7-2013 5-08 PM)   Snapshot 12 (2-7-2013 5-08 PM)   Snapshot 13 (2-7-2013 5-08 PM)

I was surprised that Gary eliminated Jihyo when he found out that she was reincarnated as ‘Gary’ the winner from 1938. But seeing as that resulted in much skinship, you’ll get no complaints from me.

Jongkook’s scary face while snooping around Jaesuk

Snapshot 1 (2-6-2013 3-10 PM)   Snapshot 3 (2-6-2013 3-10 PM)

Just like Jaesuk, I also physically recoiled from the TV when they showed Jongkook hiding behind the books. Having a face framed there was scary enough, but no, it had to be Jongkook’s face. LOL. Jaesuk was so startled, he wasn’t able to speak in those first few seconds.

Jail time game of rock-papers-scissors where the loser gets additional facial feature courtesy of a marker (think: fake mole, eyebrows, and eye bags)

Snapshot 14 (2-7-2013 5-09 PM)   Snapshot 15 (2-7-2013 5-09 PM)

Snapshot 3 (2-8-2013 12-22 PM)   Snapshot 17 (2-7-2013 5-11 PM)

Snapshot 16 (2-7-2013 5-10 PM)   Snapshot 2 (2-8-2013 11-31 AM)

Like the one with the camera, this was also one of those moments that make you think they are really good friends even outside the show. Jaesuk and Gwangsoo putting marks on each other’s face using a black marker: completely hilarious. Their LOL, ROFL, and belly-clutching laughter made me totally LOL, ROFL, and belly-clutch laugh too!

Ji Suk Jin, still a race-starter even after reincarnation

Snapshot 4 (2-5-2013 10-18 AM)   Snapshot 6 (2-5-2013 10-21 AM)

Pfft. Big-Nose hyung is really starting to find his ground on the show. And I loved his self-deprecating humor when Yoo Jaesuk was out and his name tag was Ji Sukjin’s. Sukjin quipped that even in his second life, he’s still the first one to be out. 

I love that the members go all out when they’re fighting each other. Hehehe. They don’t hold back at all. Jongkook is still the tiger and is still the toughest but Gary’s not far behind. Plus, the other members are no longer too scared to take on the Commander. ^_^ Of course, a little help, okay, a lot of help, i.e., a 1 vs. 6 kind of help, is more than welcomed.

Snapshot 1 (2-5-2013 10-09 AM)

Again, one of the best from Running Man. I have no idea how their writers come up with all these stuff and twists and stories. But I’m glad they always step up to the plate. On to the next episode…