Shipping ‘Olicity’: Arrow’s Oliver and Felicity

I think this ‘ship has gained a lot of support as the series progresses. And it isn’t hard to understand why fans of the series would want to root for this couple. As a non-DC aficionado, it was only through the grapevine that I learned that Oliver is supposed to end up with Laurel. But having read that canon pairings, although sacred for the purists, are not necessarily followed all the time, I can be as optimistic as I want to be. Cue, Oliver and Chloe in the TV series Smallville.


From the very first time that Felicity Smoak appeared on screen with Oliver, you can already see their chemistry. I know that he’s supposed to be with Laurel as in the comic books but the series already proved that it is willing to change up some of the facts in this DC world, like Laurel’s sister being the Black Canary instead of Laurel. I’m loving where the series is now especially with where the Oliver x Felicity friendship is at. Their scenes so far are safely platonic but they give a glimpse into the friendship that their solidly building and a good groundwork for if they do decide to take things further in terms of this particular storyline.


I can go on and on about how an Oliver/Felicity pairing will make much more sense but let me count the ways instead.



On-screen chemistry. Just the good old reliable formula for a pairing to work.




Loving the playboy falls for the IT girl set-up (I may be biased. And Oliver hardly seems like a playboy now and Felicity is just as awesome as she is brilliant.)




Out of all the female cast in the show, Felicity is the only woman to have ever made Oliver smile, genuinely and more often. Her babbling seems to endear her more not just to the audience but to Oliver as well.




Chemistry. Didn’t I already mention this one?




Felicity is the only person that Oliver can truly be himself with. Felicity knows his innermost feelings and understands the battles he wages in himself.



Felicity can be Oliver’s voice of reason and I think Oliver values Felicity’s insights very highly.



It’s only when he’s with Felicity that we can get to see the lighter side of Oliver’s character: dry-witted but funny, teasing, relaxed.



Chemistry. Really, really great and solid chemistry. Even Stephen feels that times are a-changing.






Are you a fellow shipper? Do you like or love this couple? Do you dislike it or disapprove of it? I’d love to hear your views on this.




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